International Disaster Response Network

IDRN (International Disaster Response Network), an affiliate of Big Tree International, is a collection of organizations and individuals who collaborate together in preparation, training, and response to significant international disasters.

The IDRN.INFO website serves as a web-based portal and toolset to enable this network to better collaborate when responding to an event. The website focuses primarily on facilitating IDR practitioners – those who are actively engaged in response and coordination of the response.

Via the IDRN.INFO website, participants receive general updates and reports generated as the IDRN engages. SPOT reports are often quick updates when something newsworthy reaches the network, like when changes to the Alert Level of the IDRN occur. Situation Reports (SITREPs) are documentation that is intended to provide a snapshot of time and a Common Operational Picture (COP), both of which help those involved better understand the situation, so that decisions can be better coordinated.

The primary purpose of this website is not just to provide breaking news to the general public, but to provide a functional, collaborative tool for disaster responders. IDRN members can log in to the operational system of the IDRN.INFO site, known as the IDRN Virtual Emergency Coordination Center (VECC), where they can directly interact with the raw data shared among those IDRN members engaged in a disaster event. The system has a “real-time” stream of data captured as members actively work in an event. Status boards are created to provide simple and organized points for sharing information as it develops.

If you have questions regarding the IDRN or the VECC, please email

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